IMC Technologies helps leading enterprises and government organizations to accelerate productivity, innovation and customer satisfaction by utilizing state-of-the-art knowledge-based solutions and top class expertise.

Our solutions are based on best-of-breed semantic and linguistic technologies for analyzing, interpreting and automatically processing the growing volume of unstructured data. Now, you can more effectively listen to your customers, analyze what they have to say, and provide better service.

IMC Technologies Solutions:

  • Intelligent Information Access

    Empower your business leaders and knowledge workers with complete, accurate and timely information in order to make informed business decisions, early detect issues and gain insight on your business, your customers, your market. …Read more

  • Customer Service and Response Management

    Deliver rapid and efficient customer service support and respond timely and accurately to incoming communications. …Read more

  • eParticipation

    Engage citizens and social actors in public dialogue and receive valuable feedback on new policies, legislation, services and initiatives. Communicate your plans, unveil public preferences and tendencies and discover fresh opinions. …Read more

  • Social Media Monitoring

    Monitor conversations on the internet for you so you can find opportunities to find new customers, promote your brand, provide support, and gain valuable intelligence from your customers about your products and brand. …Read more

  • Enterprise Knowledge Management

    Capture, store and share your corporate knowledge to enhance product/service innovation, increase productivity and enable meaningful cross-unit collaboration. …Read more

  • Cultural Asset Management

    Promote and preserve your cultural heritage to raise awareness, build reputation, increase visitors volumes and deliver new profitable services. …Read more

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