Social Media Monitoring

The situation

The growth of social technologies and communities has empowered the voice of people (especially consumers’ and customers’ voice) more than ever before. In this direction and according to latest reports, 84% of online adults find it helpful to know what others think, while 75% say it influences their purchase decision1. In addition, a whooping 90% of bloggers say they post comments about the brands they love and the brands they hate2.

Thus, what really matters is not what you say about your brand but what millions of consumers are saying about it in online conversations that take place in social networks, blogs, message boards, forums etc. Ignoring all that information and peoples’ influence could put your business at significant risk.

1 Forrester, 9/08 Technographics Insight: Presentation: Understanding Trust in Customer Ratings and Reviews

2 Technorati 2008 State of the Blogosphere Report

The solution

IMC enables Social Media monitoring through a really innovative and sophisticated platform, called Attensity360. Attensity360 is an enhanced research and intelligence solution that continuously monitors and analyzes social media conversations and their impact on businesses. Attensity360 is delivered via a web-based application which includes a comprehensive set of user tools, reports and metrics that help companies track and analyze:

  • The ongoing relevant conversations
  • Influential opinion leaders and sources
  • The impact of conversation topics
  • Topic trends

Attensity360 delivers timely, relevant information to your business without making you wade through heaps of irrelevant data. Attensity360 features include:

  • Tone and sentiment ratings
  • Magnitude measurement (topic coverage, reach, impact and velocity)
  • Topic/issue discovery
  • Source identification
  • Topic tagging
  • Workflow and engagement
  • Alerting tools


Attensity360 delivers the insights that can help you make faster and better decisions and improve your business in significant ways:

  • Eliminate time and effort to gather and process vital information
  • Leverage insights for strategic planning and program development
  • Surface emerging and hot issues that require immediate response
  • Identify opinion leaders and social influences for marketing outreach
  • Stay ahead of competition by understanding the coverage around their products and services
  • Use real and timely consumer feedback to develop better products and services
  • Gauge effectiveness of marketing programs in reaching and influencing hey target audiences

Is this relevant for me?

Social Media Monitoring solution by IMC Technologies can directly benefit various Organizations’ Departments and especially Marketing, Sales and Customer Care Units and decision makers in general, as -via Attensity360- the company can:

  • Protect corporate reputation
  • Understand competitive landscape
  • Enhance the brand value
  • Provide superior customer service
  • Ensure a positive return on marketing investment
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