Semantic Web


Semantic Web technology is an increasingly popular technology which enables the conceptualization and formalization of domain knowledge in order to support diversified and automated knowledge processing performed by a machine. Through an optimal combination of cognitive human reasoning and automated machine processing it becomes possible for humans and machines to share more and more complementary tasks.

The spectrum of applications is extremely large including corporate portals and knowledge management, e-commerce, e-business, healthcare, e-government, information search, data and services integration, social networks and collaborative filtering, knowledge mining, business intelligence and so on. From a social and economic perspective, Semantic Web technology contributes to growth in economic wealth, but it also shows clear cut value for everyday activities through technological transparency and efficiency.


Key benefits of the applying Semantic Web technology include:

  • Effective transformation of information into knowledge. Whereas information is discrete data about a specific subject, knowledge is information that is linked or synthesized together in a valuable way.
  • Greater interoperability and integration of data through their mapping to a common domain model.
  • Ability to discover data relationships through the application of rules and inferencing logic that would otherwise not be as easily detected when using other conventional technologies.

What our use of Semantic Web technology means for you

Our expertise in Semantic Web technology makes us confident that we can use it for the benefit of your organization as we have:

  • Excellent understanding of the technological, social and economical dimensions of the Semantic Web technology meaning that we can help you create value out of it in the most effective way.
  • Experience in applying the technology in a variety of application areas, including knowledge management, eGovernment and eParticipation, meaning that we can deliver actual results in a timely and cost-effective manner.