IMC Technologies was founded by NTUA researchers as a spin-off company. Hence, it is natural for us to maintain close ties with the research community as well as a drive for innovation. On the other hand, as an SME focused on efficiency and customer satisfaction in a competitive market we have a clear goal of keeping our research efforts focused and pragmatic: the outcome should always be cutting-edge technology and know-how to deliver the best possible solutions for our clients. Our strong research background and experience is focused in the areas we are active in, namely cultural asset management, knowledge management, semantic web and social software, and is demonstrated via a number of projects carried out, software platforms implemented and scientific papers published.

In recognition of the company's dynamic efforts, the General Secretariat for Research & Technology has funded IMC Technologies S.A. for the implementation of its innovative, business plans.

Our expertise

Some of the things we do well and some of the technologies we use for this are:

  • Facilitating collaborative creation and use of assets in specific contexts and communities: IMC is a pioneer in the area of eParticipation (the use of ICT to broaden and deepen political participation by enabling citizens to connect with one another and with their elected representatives), combining a methodology for inclusion and community building with a collaborative software platform that mixes a Web2.0-based approach with state-of-the-art Semantic Web technology. Both the methodology and the platform have evolved via extensive experience gained from the eDialogos project, a finalist in the European eGovernment Awards for 2009.
  • Dynamically aggregating resources across institutional borders and repositories: When faced with this challenge, the need to go beyond generic mash-ups of web content and address data integration in a way that is lightweight and bears quality metadata to help overcome issues of semantics becomes pronounced. The technology with the most potential to realize this vision is Linked Data – and this is an area that IMC is very active in.
  • Capturing and representing embedded semantic knowledge: Knowledge and semantic technologies are foundations that enable capturing and making explicit the semantics of any kind of information or content. We are strongly committed to following and implementing development and standardization efforts in the fields of Ontology Engineering and the Semantic Web and we have significant know-how and experience in a number of semantic standards, methodologies and tools that we apply throughout our projects.
  • Enabling systems to reason in a human-like way and support decision making: Intelligent information processing such as search and decision making can be achieved through a novel Hybrid Semantic Reasoning Framework that we have developed, which combines the merits and functionality of three different intelligent reasoning techniques, namely Ontology Reasoning, Fuzzy Logic and Case Based Reasoning. This combination enables the development of intelligent systems that may effectively capture the essence of human reasoning and use it for facilitating better content search and decision making capabilities.

You can get an idea of our research work by reading some of our publications on the above topics, which may be found in the library section. For more details, or for topics not covered therein, do not hesitate to contact us.

What our applied research means for you

  • Our research background means we are fast to identify and get involved in the use and development of promising technologies, giving us and our clients a competitive advantage.
  • Our commitment to performing applied research means the technology developed as a result is first thoroughly tested and verified before being incorporated in our solutions, making sure our clients get cutting-edge technology that they can rely on.
  • Our thorough understanding of the research process and our extended network, combined with our research background and proposal writing skills makes us an ideal partner for R & D project consortia