Liferay Linked Data Module

We believe that Linked Data is a key technology for lightweight data integration and interoperability, therefore we have become early adopters and we are very actively involved in the Linked Data movement. Our commitment and skills are clearly shown by our actions: participating in the Linking Open Data Triplification Challenge, evangelising the use of Linked Data and producing a Linked Data module for one of the world’s leading open-source platforms - the Liferay Linked Data Module.


We have chosen to share our expertise with the growing Linked Data community and offer the infrastructure we created for our own requirements as an open source project: the Liferay Linked Data Module can turn every Liferay installation into a Linked Data producer, making content and metadata produced on the platform directly available on the Web of Data via HTTP-SPARQL access. Its main features include:


  • LGPL licensing
  • Hosted on Sourceforge
  • Easy to install and use
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Direct data access and querying via HTTP and SPARQL
  • Use of standard vocabularies: DC, FOAF, SIOC, SKOS, MOAT
  • Optimized performance


The Liferay Linked Data Module was originally produced for use in our own projects and introduced in the 2009 Linking Open Data Triplification Challenge. It has been featured in Liferay news and the 2010 Greek Open Source Community conference and will be included in an upcoming Liferay release.