The most frequently experienced problem among users of government portal is difficulty in actually finding what they are looking for.


Intelligent Information Access

Current Situation & Challenges

Timely, accurate and complete information is critical in all aspects of nowadays business. Internal and external resources are flooded with information that impacts the quality of a decision, the consistency of an action, the outcome of a sale or the output of process. Furthermore, opportunities are missed as trends and insights remain hidden in the continually growing mass of unstructured information, which comprises more than 90% of data inside an organization.

Executives and employees invest more time and effort daily in locating the "critical" piece of information needed for their current demands. Today, they already spend more than 25% of their working time searching for information. And with increasing frequency, the needed information is not found at all. The dilemma is clear; should knowledge workers invest more time for exhaustive searches or settle for less relevant information compromising on results and outputs of their work?

As for customers or citizens, with low patience and high demands, when they don't have immediate results searching for relevant information on products, services, initiatives etc on corporate or government portals, they just leave for a competitor or use more expensive communication channels.

The Solution

IMC's Intelligent Information Access Solution comprises of a wide variety information access technologies as full text search, associative search, structured search, classification, information extraction, clustering, case-based reasoning, rule processing, decision trees, and much, much more. In addition to specialized search mechanisms, our technology offers an ideal framework for customization for customer-specific needs and for the integration with existing hardware and software infrastructure. Our solution is always tailored to your business needs thus guaranteeing unparalleled "Return on Information".

IMC delivers intelligent information access applications to organizations providing 3 different products.

eIAS (Information Access Suite) is a horizontal solution used as the core platform for automated processing of unstructured information. A wide range of search techniques is available and can be selected according to specific demands. eIAS can perform the following tasks:

  • Location of information in heterogeneous information inventories
  • Automated classification, routing and allocation of information
  • Automated creation, linking and enrichment of information
  • Advanced search, navigation and visualization of information

With Attensity Discover you can continuously monitor, search and explore a variety of information sources, including Internet, internal documents, and data repositories. Using state-of-the-art natural language processing technology, semantics and artificial intelligence – combined with a rich, easy to use application - Attensity Discover increases your productivity in areas such as competition and market monitoring, IP management, investment analysis, intelligent analysis and many more.

Knowledge Accelerator offers two valuable options, namely the ability to capitalize on your existing knowledge base and to retrieve more relevant content for your information requests. Existing documented knowledge can be effectively utilized in order to solve new cases for your organization, based on the Cased Based Reasoning technique featured by Knowledge Accelerator. Furthermore, it also provides a specialized search ability that is specifically tailored to your domain and preferences, using state of the art Ontological and Fuzzy Reasoning techniques.


All the above functionality provided by each product can be integrated into a sophisticated Web2.0 portal, thus combining information access with contemporary collaboration tools and display options. 


The benefits from using Intelligent Information Access Solution are profound:

  • Mitigate risk and save research costs through proactive information discovery and sharing
  • Pro-actively assess large amount of previously undiscoverable information and hidden relationships, improving litigation and discovery success rates
  • Enable cross-organization sharing of important research information, improving project efficiency and optimizing innovation
  • Reduce research and analysis costs due to high precision information access from virtually any source in any language
  • Leverage a process based approach that is repeatable and can be shared across the organization

Is this relevant for me?

Intelligent Information Access Solution meets the needs of research and discovery across many functions:

  • Strategic marketing departments / market monitoring. Automated continuous monitoring of markets, customer requirements, sales trends and competitors in real-time
  • Internet Sales. Improving sales using intelligent search and retrieval to provide customers with the best fit products for their current needs.
  • Technology scouts and product managers. Monitoring technological trends and developments and their establishment and acceptance in the market
  • Press departments. Systematic capture of company-relevant publications, early identification of crises
  • Analysts. Recognizing trends for specific industry sectors, companies and products and producing analyses and evaluations
  • Investment managers. Systematic examination of portfolio companies in terms of the public perception of the company or its establishment in the overall market
  • Security experts. Generate new knowledge from an aggregated database using identified links and relationships between persons and actions
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