Information Access


The past years have seen both the volume and diversity of digital content within enterprises grow at unprecedented rates. Increased use of departmental file shares,, content management systems, messaging systems with file attachments and databases has turned corporate networks into a vast sea of content where useless work-in-process, duplicative, and untraceable documents crowd out valuable information needed to get work done. In this environment, knowledge workers invest more than 25% of their time trying to locate the "critical" piece of information needed for their current demands and often this information is not found at all.

Intelligent Information Access technology enables organizations to leverage the power of a variety of sophisticated information search and navigation capabilities through which knowledge workers can get the "right information at the right time at the right form". These capabilities go beyond the simple notion of search and enable, among others, information classification and categorization, personalized information retrieval, information extraction from unstructured content and information visualization.


The motto of intelligent access technology is the "right information at the right time at the right form". This is translated into the following benefits for organizations:

  • Intelligent and intuitive information access services for the users with very high degrees of accuracy and efficiency.
  • Large variety of access mechanisms (search and navigation) that adapt to the users' diverse information needs and profiles.
  • Integrated and cost-effective organization and management of the organization's content.
  • Ability to exploit the organization's content and the system for many purposes including interoperability with other systems.

What our use of Information Access technology means for you

We have a wide and thorough expertise in a variety of intelligent information access technologies which we can easily customize to meet your organization's needs. More importantly, we know how to successfully apply these technologies within your organization and maximize the benefits derived from them as:

  • We have successfully implemented information access solutions for a variety of customer organizations and we have gained significant experience in understanding our customers' information access needs and satisfying them using the appropriate technologies.
  • We are committed to the constant improvement of our products and services through high quality scientific research, meaning that we are able to propose solutions even for highly complex information access problems.