We are living in a media democracy, where no single form of media dominates the attention of people.


The situation

The advent of social and participation technologies has proven to be a challenge to the status quo of doing business for both commercial and government organizations. Web 2.0 technology has enabled everyday users to speak their minds freely on the Web and interact with thousands of people easily and instantly.

The 2-way Web is increasingly moving the power out of the hands of organizations and into the hands of everyday users. Opinions, preferences and feelings of everyday people may give a boost or severely damage the "image" of a product, a service, a brand, an initiative, a policy.

Organizations can either embrace these technologies achieving unique value or remain in apathy unable to build on positive momentum or react to negative one for themselves via participation and social media.

The solution

Participation and social technology emphasizes open and collaborative approaches to creating, sharing, and analyzing information, knowledge and opinions. IMC's eParticipation solution, called edialogos, enables organizations to efficiently connect with their target audience (consumers, citizens, customers etc) for building trust and loyalty and receiving valuable feedback via several engagement methods. Furthermore, it helps organizations to capitalize on the existing, popular social media to promote their causes.

edialogos is an innovative and holistic approach to eParticipation. The solution incorporates 3 basic elements:

  • a methodological framework for eParticipation that covers a wide spectrum of eParticipation needs and situations.
  • an eParticipation platform that integrates several state-of-the-art eParticipation tools with advanced semantic web features while hiding its complexity behind a user-friendly Web2.0 façade.
  • a set of support tools that are essential for safeguarding the effectiveness of the whole eParticipation procedure.


Organizations can obtain value using IMC's Participation and Social Media solution in the following manners:

  • establishing new relationships with target audiences (consumers, citizens etc) and strengthening existing ones
  • harnessing collective intelligence for informed and insightful decision making
  • engaging in a fruitful online dialogue with the stakeholders of an issue that leads to concrete, practical results
  • building trust and royalty online with customers, citizens and other social actors
  • avoiding or reducing tension, conflicts and negative word-of-mouth
  • raising awareness for enterprise, social and governmental issues attracting media interest
  • having overall a more effective and complete online presence

Value from using edialogos:

  • A holistic approach to eParticipation
  • Adaptable to several scenarios and individual needs of organizations
  • Full back-office support for managing the participation procedure
  • Technical excellence in the front and back end
  • Consolidation between on-line, off-line tools and participation processes
  • Intelligent applications for the effective knowledge and opinion management
  • Advanced security
  • Scalability up to thousands of users

Is this relevant for me?

eParticipation solutions by IMC Technologies can directly benefit the following organizations:

  • Governmental organizations that aim to broaden the decision making process, actively involve citizens in policy formulation and new legislation and receive feedback for service provision. Furthermore, enhance accountability, transparency and credibility of governance.
  • Local and Regional Government aiming to involve citizens in decision making and the formulation of actions and policies for the local societies.
  • Enterprises, and especially their Corporate Social Responsibility departments, seeking to establish an online community to promote their goals communicate their plans and products and create active links to their target audience.
  • NGOs with an inclusive culture, helping them not only regulate their internal decision making processes but mainly build a wide community around their causes and involve people actively in their agenda.
  • Political parties that aim to build a strong relationship with citizens in order to promote their political agenda receive valuable feedback and listen closer to society needs and trends.
  • Any organization aiming to support collaborative working scenarios in a distributed setting.
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