Customer Service & Response Management

The current situation in many customer service environments is mainly defined by manual procedures and access to information, a flaw in collecting and managing problem-solving knowledge and low levels of accurate and quick responses to customers.

As the amount of information is growing exponentially, efforts to improve the aforementioned issues are mostly isolated cases in different contact channels, like Call Centers (telephone), Voice Self-service (IVR), E-mail etc. But these improvements do not take the process as a whole and the interaction of the process into account. Thus, the administration effort is high and the actual benefit low.

The Solution

IMC's Customer Service & Response Management Solution gives both end customers and service representatives access to multi-functional agent portals bound to intelligent automated search & response and self-service support. The solution optimizes the overall response procedure for messages and inquiries placed via any communication channels.

The solution is comprised of 2 products, that can be used either independently or jointly as well as integrate with several third party systems.

Attensity Respond automatically routes and responds to incoming email and other types of communications, based on the content of those communications. Customers get rapid and accurate response, while agents are freed up to focus on more complex tasks that truly demand human processing.

Attensity Service (former eSLS: Service Lifecycle Suite) is a knowledge-based query processing solution which allows customer services to find the correct answer as quickly as possible and forward it consistently to each contact channel, while new information is automatically added to existing knowledge. Attensity Service guides all service personnel in responding to queries and solving problems by combining intelligent search, dynamic decision trees and a knowledge repository.

  • Dynamic Decision Trees guide service personnel through a question-answer based interaction that automatically takes into account the description of the problem in natural language terms and the customer's own context
  • Knowledge Repository stores and organizes knowledge from solution descriptions, customer e-mails, expert forums, FAQs, databases, and other documents. This enables companies to more effectively gather and use information to share with employees, customers and partners.
  • Intelligent Search allows users to use familiar keyword search to find relevant service literature like FAQ documents, solution descriptions or manuals or to be directed to the right decision tree for problem analysis.


There are far-reaching benefits involved for both customers and companies:

  • User-friendly self-help environment to customers
  • High-performance service desk to agents
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Provides system-wide continuous knowledge sharing for real-time reuse of solutions
  • Allows you to leverage customer-generated problem resolutions (found in web forums and blogs) into the service process
  • Customers receive a personalized response to their inquires in minutes, not hours or days
  • Guided agent assistant enables customers to interact effectively even with inexperienced agents, reducing time-to-resolution and increasing customer satisfaction

Value for Customers:

  • Accurate replies to either simple or complex inquires
  • Shorter response time
  • Up-to-date information
  • 24/7 service

Value for Agents:

  • Answers at their fingertips
  • Fewer escalations
  • No time consuming searches for answers
  • Shorter training periods

Value for Enterprises:

  • Reduced service costs
  • Higher quality responses
  • Flexible resource distribution
  • Service process optimization

Is this relevant for me?

Customer Service and Response Management Solution is ideal for any enterprise or organization that offers customer services, either by using call centers or self-help web portals.

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