Cultural Asset Management

Current Situation and Challenges

Many organizations in charge of managing cultural or educational content, such as historic manuscripts or books, have been slow in adopting ICT in their core business, thus lagging in reaping the benefits that come therein. Preserving, curating, viewing, sorting and searching content and associated information and semantics is a laborious task, mainly accomplished manually using analog means. This means that content owners, scientists and the general public altogether are severely hampered in their interaction with and utilization of the content, as support for performing desired tasks is either completely missing or is inherently inefficient.

The solution

IMC's Cultural Asset Management Solution helps our customers reap the benefits that ICT can bring to managing digital duplicates of their assets. The solution builds an integrated intelligent knowledge repository that is the backbone on which to build novel ways of distributing, searching and managing digital content securely and in a fully customizable fashion.

eCulture Suite is an integrated platform that makes managing digital assets simple, providing capabilities for organizing content and retrieving the right information for every use.

Moreover, eCulture Suite offers rich user interaction by providing scientists and domain experts with powerful tools for semantic annotation, enabling advanced search and navigation options and intelligent information access. This functionality is implemented based on state of the art technologies such as ontologies and natural language processing. Finally, eCulture Suite's knowledge repository can be accessed via various channels, such as web portals, enterprise intranets and multimedia applications.


eCulture Suite benefits both end users (including experts) and cultural content owners in the following ways:

  • Enriched end-user experience via the use of user-friendly interfaces for browsing and creating/editing content.
  • Powerful search/navigation techniques that help scientists and domain experts quickly and accurately access the desired information.
  • Broad dissemination of cultural assets via the internet and multimedia applications.
  • Secure way of preserving, managing and sharing high quality duplicates of valuable and delicate cultural assets.

Is this relevant for me?

Cultural Asset Management Solution is highly recommended for any organization that owns cultural or educational content and aims at preserving it, sharing it with the general public and offering intelligent tools for accessing information and assisting scientific research.

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