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solution: culture asset management


MIET was established in 1966 by the National Bank of Greece, under the administration of Georgios Mavros, and its main cause is to support the Humanities, Fine Arts and Sciences in Greece. One of the foundation’s impressive contributions to the domain of Fine Arts and Sciences is accomplished through the Historical and Paleographical Archive (HPA). HPA is a special department of MIET and was founded in 1974 by Professor Linos Politis. Its goal is to establish and organize a Greek microfilm archive of manuscript codices and historical archives, to provide advice and information regarding the study of Greek manuscripts, as well as to collaborate with other scientific bodies for the promotion of Greek paleography.


Since the founding of the HPA, more than 200 scientific projects have been implemented, during the course of which approximately 7,500 manuscripts and 20 large historical archives have been photographed. The HPA is also the owner of a collection of 100 manuscripts, an extensive collection of old print works, as well as a fully equipped photographic laboratory. This rich cultural and educational content is mainly accessed by researchers via analog, traditional means, lacking the advantages that ICT offers - most notably, efficiency in searching and retrieving information. Moreover, HPA would like to preserve these delicate assets by using digital duplicates so as to perform its scientific work and finally share some of the archives with the general public via the internet.


IMC Technologies implemented an integrated ICT system that consists of two basic subsystems; the first one (back-end) is used as the main tool for record keeping, storage and documentation of the cultural assets, both originals and digitized versions, while the second one (front-end) gives access to searching, retrieving and screen viewing of the digital material and the metadata and semantic information that describe it. The overall solution founds a holistic and intelligent knowledge repository which provides modern ways of distributing, searching and managing digital content in a secure manner.
In addition, rich user interaction is supported for both editing and viewing content, giving scientists and domain experts powerful tools for semantic annotation, enabling advanced search and navigation options and intelligent information access. The solution has been implemented utilizing state of the art technologies such as ontologies and natural language processing, while public access to it is granted via an internet portal and a multimedia application.


The key benefits can be summarized in the following:

  • Dissemination and promotion collection of HPA’s collection of manuscripts, forms and microfilms.
  • Dissemination and promotion of Greek cultural heritage in the European and international community.
  • Secure way of preserving, managing and sharing high quality duplicates of valuable and delicate cultural assets.
  • Powerful search tools and techniques that help scientists and domain experts intuitively access the right information.
  • Use of state of the art technologies to manage and deliver cultural content.

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