industry: energy
solution: intelligent information access


HTSO is a public sector company operating in Greece, primarily responsible for achieving the reliable and impartial operation of the Greek electricity transmission system as well as of the market that depends on it. HTSO’s role is critical in ensuring that the new electricity producers, the selected customers and all consumers in Greece enjoy high quality services in respect to the system and in accordance to the rules of the new electricity market. 


One of HTSO’s primary concerns was to provide the interested audience (producers, customers and consumers) with relevant to the electricity market information in an easily accessible and comprehensible way. This information comprised a number of legal and technical documents which, due to their size, and the lack of proper cross-referencing, were quite difficult for an individual to understand and use. Therefore, HTSO required a system that would be able to capture this information, structure it in a way so that it can be really useful to its users and, ultimately, make the access to it a very straightforward and intuitive task. 


The solution IMC Technologies implemented for HTSO has the form of a highly sophisticated and yet easy to use electronic library system that makes use of state-of-the-art knowledge management technologies. The library’s front end consists of a knowledge portal that provides intelligent information access services to the organization’s content such as natural language search, semantic search, concept-based navigation through the use of domain knowledge models and dynamic content viewing with navigation capabilities across relevant pieces of information.
At the back office, the library is supported by an integrated content and knowledge management system that enables the system’s administrators to perform in a very straightforward way all the necessary maintenance tasks, such as content import, content semantic annotation, knowledge models maintenance and evolution and parameterization of the front end’s services.


The key benefits can be summarized in the following:

  • Intelligent and intuitive information access services for the public with very high degrees of accuracy and efficiency.
  • Large variety of access mechanisms (search and navigation) that adapt to the users’ diverse knowledge needs and backgrounds.
  • Integrated and cost-effective organization and management of the organization’s content.
  • Ability to exploit the organization’s content and the system for many purposes including decision making and interoperability with other systems.

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