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IMC Technologies in the media: interview with George Anadiotis on the state of the Semantic Web in Greece, eDialogos

As a follow-up to IMC Technologies successful participation in ESWC 2010, i was asked to give a short interview regarding Semantic Web adoption and prospects in Greece as well as the work we presented in ESWC (Facilitating Dialogue - Using Semantic Web Technology for eParticipation). The interview was conducted with Mr. Yiannis Rizopoulos for the Technology Section of PathFinder, one of the major news portals in Greece. It was a very good experience, very professional but also friendly at the same time.

Although the main article is in Greek, there is also a video story that is also interesting for non-Greek speakers, as it contains interviews from some key people that were present in ESWC, such as Lora Aroyo, Noshir Contractor, Tom Heath Since in fact all interviewees found the video very well put together and informative, it could function as an introduction to the Semantic Web. Yiannis Rizopoulos and the PathFinder team have kindly agreed to work on a subtitled version that will be uploaded on YouTube shortly, so that everyone can benefit from this work. I'll give the details as soon as it becomes available!


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