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IMC Technologies in the media: interview with George Anadiotis on the state of the Semantic Web in Greece, eDialogos
As a follow-up to IMC Technologies successful participation in ESWC 2010, i was asked to give a short interview regarding Semantic Web adoption and prospects in Greece as well as the work we presented in ESWC ( Facilitating Dialogue - Using Semantic Web Technology for eParticipation ). The interview was conducted with Mr. Yiannis Rizopoulos for the Technology Section of PathFinder , one of...

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Managing Vague Knowledge
Knowledge Management systems facilitate the preservation and reuse of knowledge that organizations create, by providing the required functionality for capturing, storing and retrieving this knowledge. As such they have become increasingly important to organizations which recognize their knowledge as their primary source of competitiveness. Nevertheless, an issue that most KM systems have not yet...

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ESWC 2010 Impressions
This year's edition of ESWC , which took place between May 30th and June 3rd in Crete, was the first one in the series of Semantic Web Conferences under the 'Extended' (instead of former 'European') title and justified this by being the scene for the lively international Semantic Web community. In a nutshell, it was interesting and productive in terms of content and interaction, well-organised...

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Semantic Web and Portal - CMS systems: a symbiotic relationship
Working in a company that specializes in Knowledge Management and does pretty much all of its front-end development in a web-based environment, you quickly come to the realization that a good Portal - CMS system is a key sucess factor. 'Good' in this context means everything you would normally expect - reliability, performance, modularity, ease of use, extensibility etc, plus one very important,...

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